Chanukah Hanukkah Novelty Pillow


chanukah hanukkah-pillowThe newest Chanukah product that is not available in stores!  It’s shiny, it glows, it’s contemporary! its festive for the Chanukah Festival of Lights!  It’s festive for the Chanukah Festival of Lights!    Cost of Product includes Shipping USPS Priority Bag.

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Chanukah Hanuchanukah-hanukkah kkah Newest Product
‘light em up! FOR CHANUKAH’ ©

Chanukah Hanukkah has a new product!  It’s shiny, it glows, it’s contemporary! It’s festive for the Chanukah Festival of Lights!

A Jewish holiday original design and a female rabbi created it.   She noticed most Chanukah products were a bit cartoony and not as sophisticated.  It needed to express the joys of the holiday without it being too large.

Introducing ‘light em up! FOR CHANUKAH!‘ ©

The product’s prominent blue color is for Judaism’s Israeli Flag.  The blue color continues on the back of the pillow.  The festive tone offsets from the silver background.

Introducing ‘light em up! FOR CHANUKAH.’    The words are meant to excite those that celebrate Chanukah Hanukkah.

Notice the spelling of Chanukah is exactly eight letters.  Eight is the total number of nights and days celebrated. Connect by lighting the Chanukah Menorah for all eight nights.  You’re not limited to your Chanukah Hanukkah menorah being the one and only decoration. Display this festive, holiday product!

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