Breaking Glass Jewish Wedding

Breaking Glass Jewish Wedding is not a Jewish wedding without it.

The symbolism is remembering Jewish History, never forgetting, always being reminded, but how in that instant when the glass is stepped on turn from sadness to joy. It is quite simple, it is remembering that the most important person you just vowed to in marriage with the exchange of the wedding rings is just as fragile, but cannot easily break as the glass. Basically, don’t take each other for granted. Don’t expect to constantly take, take, take, for it paired with with giving of one self. It is no longer about oneself any longer.

The breaking glass Jewish Wedding is no longer a glass to spend money on and is broken into pieces. It has so much more meaning that in its literal sense.

The Judaica Artist’s created the breaking glass for Jewish Weddings for the beauty of the tradition and custom followed by so many generations. Guests as little as 14 to 300 in a room all come together by hearing the crack of the glass. In one voice by many, the shouts of Mazel Tov! is heard by the couple on their wedding day, standing under the Chuppah.

What does a couple do with the broken glass. You actually save it and place it in a wedding keepsake, also designed by the Judaica Artist’s. Those keepsakes are displayed and also serve as both a wonderful memory of the wedding day ceremony for it is no longer just broken glass.